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State: Ceará City: Fortaleza/Jericoaquara Region: Northeast

Fortaleza is the capital of Ceara. Tucked away on the north-east coast of Brazil it is home to some 2 million inhabitants and outside of Brazil, it is virtually unknown.

It is a great tropical beach destination, with a nice touristic infrastructure. It is hot all year round.

In the past, the bars were little more than rustic beach huts with jangada sails as roof.  The lack of electricity was not a problem as the beers were kept cold in Styrofoam boxes. Today, there are still rustic bars on deserted sandy beaches, but there are also more modern bars.

The old and the new, modern and traditional coexist easily. Alongside the vibrant nightspots it is still possible to see the beauty which attracted Orson Wells to film scenes of his movie "It's All True" on the coast's sundrenched shores.

Today Fortaleza is visited by thousands of local and foreign tourists. For some, watching the sun rise in such a place still is almost a spiritual experience. It is also possible to watch the local fisherman pulling in their exquisitely hand made wooden boats or, on the dunes, the locals practicing the national Cearan pastime of 'esquibunda' (“ass sky”, literaly translating).

Fortaleza was for some time part of the Dutch empire who lost it in a bloody battle to the locals and the Portuguese. They left behind a legacy of crumbling colonial buildings many of which can be seen about the city today.

About 1 ½ Hs from Fortaleza, there’s the nice beach of Canoa Quebrada with its mytical atmosphere. Hundreds of artists, hippies and tourists visit it year round to enjoy the sun and its busy nightlife.

Located about 6 Hs by road from Fortaleza, there´s the city of Jericoacoara. It is almost a village, one of these places which are difficult to explain. In the middle of nowhere, Jericoacoara has an international reputation, many restaurants, dozens of nice lodges and a relaxed atmosphere. The city is very popular amongst windsurf enthusiasts as the conditions to practice such sport are perfect.

For all the above, Ceará is a must-see destination in Brazil. Easygoing has packages combining Fortaleza, Canoa Quebrada, Jericoacoara and more.


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