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Services for Travel Agents and Operators
Services for Travel Agents and Operators

Easygoing frequently receives requests from customers outside the tourism / incentive industry. In some of these cases the company realized true niche business potentials and, together with renowned local partners, was able to explore innovative areas. Some examples below:

  1. Filming:  More and more production companies are electing Brazil as a perfect venue for shooting TV commercials, movies or documentaries. The main Brazilian advantages are the low local costs, the broad range of different location-types and the high quality of the local professionals. Easygoing can help such companies with site location, transportation, accommodation, local permits and more;
  2. Agricultural Trips: Brazil is worldwide famous due to its successful ethanol program (alternative source of fuel). In case a group wants to visit large plantations of grains, processing units, organic products' clusters or even ethanol/biodiesel related projects, Brazil is absolutely one of the best places in the world to go.

Besides these two examples, Easygoing is opened to explore other special interest travel segments.

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